TV Review: Dexter 7.8, “Argentina”

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I’ve griped a bit the last few weeks as to the shift in tone and pacing of season seven, but I think “Argentina” has done a great job of bringing some clearer definition to the dynamics we’ve been watching for the last few episodes. From the title to Dexter’s kids showing up for a visit to his meditations on family and Isaak’s grieving, “Argentina” had some great thematic unity, some cool albeit brief action scenes, a couple incredible character scenes, and even a few good laugh out loud moments. Though “Argentina” served more to set things up for later episodes than anything else, it helped crystalize the three most pertinent relationships Dexter is conducting this season: Hannah’s, Deb’s, and Isaak’s.

In “Argentina” we watched Dexter continue to fail at staying away from Hannah and who can blame him? Don

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