Digging Up the Past: Frankenweenie Recreated in 3D

Trevor Hogg chats with Richard Baker and Matt Bristowe from Prime Focus World about their work on Frankenweenie...

When a young animator made a live-action short film about a boy who resurrects his dead dog, his association with Disney came to an end as the dark tale was deemed too scary for children; years later the legendary animation studio rekindled a creative partnership with Tim Burton (Big Fish) which has resulted in a reimagining of Frankenweenie (2012) as a black and white stop-motion animated feature length film in 3D. “It’s quite remarkable how true the animated feature is to the original,” observes Matt Bristowe, the Joint Managing Director of Stereo Conversion for Prime Focus World. “There are key scenes, such as where Sparky gets run over, that play just as they do in the short; it’s nice to see that continuity.” Richard Baker, the Creative Director of Stereo Conversion for Prime Focus World,
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