Love Might Not Be Enough in Fringe Season 5 Episode 7: ‘Five-Twenty-Ten’

A possible theme for the season, if not the show itself, emerged in this week’s episode of Fringe: love might not be enough to stop certain men from becoming the very worst they can be.

When Walter had the pieces of his brain put back in after he was de-ambered, he realized that the hubris and the God-like tendencies that caused him to almost destroy two universes were coming back. But as he told Nina in this episode, he thought his love for Peter could stop his backslide into evil scientist land. And yet it doesn’t seem like enough, as he asks Nina to re-remove those pieces again. (We don’t get to see her answer, however.)

Peter, meanwhile, is slowly turning into an Observer in his quest to defeat them and avenge Etta’s death. Thus far, he’s only hurt the Observers (in a brilliant
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