King Of Kung Fu: An interview with rising female star Xu Huihui (Jade)

Xu Huihui is relatively new to the Kung Fu world, recently starring in the Chinese TV Series ‘The Legend of Wing Chun’, she as also landed a part in the upcoming movie ‘Tai Chi Hero’, along side Tony Leung, Yuen Biao and many more.

Xu Huihui was born on the 9th February 1986, she started learning in the art of Wu Shu at just the young age of 6 under her teacher and mother Xu Guan Guan. At the age of 9 she left China and went to live in Italy, not long after she won her first tournament and since that day, she as never looked back winning many tournaments and trophies along the way including National and International tournaments.

Her skills and life long practice of the Martial Arts have got her great roles so far and i feel she will only get better and
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