AFI Review: 'The ABCs Of Death' Won't Win Over Non-Horror Fans, But That's Ok

Horror anthologies have been on the rise of late, with movies like "Trick 'r Treat," "Chillerama" and the found footage anthology "V/H/S" keeping the tradition alive. The latest anthology is "The ABCs of Death," which combines 26 shorts in what is less of an interwoven narrative like "Trick 'r Treat" or even a loosely connected anthology like "V/H/S" and more of a "Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation" of horror shorts, and we're not just saying that because of the use of animation and claymation. The end result provides a range of quality, from the inspired and creative to the lazy and insipid, but one that horror fans will certainly devour. If there is any connective, narrative tissue, it's the alphabet itself, with "The ABCs of Death" starting with the letter "A" and continuing in order. Produced by Alamo Drafthouse's Tim League and Ant Timpson, 26 directors from.
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