Padma Lakshmi: I Don't Watch 'Top Chef'

Padma Lakshmi: I Don't Watch 'Top Chef'
Padma Lakshmi opened up to Playboy magazine for their December 2012 issue, and surprisingly enough, some of the more interesting tidbits dropped by the Top Chef beauty have nothing to do with sex.

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The former model, who's now best known hosting the immensely popular Bravo competition series, revealed she doesn't really doesn't get why the fans are so crazy over it.

"It freaks me out sometimes how obsessed people are with the show," she said. "I appreciate the audience, certainly, but there seems to be no middle ground. Either they've never heard of the show or they're obsessed. I'm somewhere in between."

Interestingly enough, Padma admits she loses interest in Top Chef as soon as she steps out of the taping.

"I don't even watch 'Top Chef,' to be honest," she divulged, adding that TV food personalities such as herself "aren't interesting" to her.

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