Episode Review: Elementary - 1.06: "Flight Risk"

  • PopStar
While the case this week was rather hum-drum, as always, the bits of back story and of course, the Watson/Holmes dynamic stood out. Sometimes, it’s hard to sit through the exposition of the case ins and outs, when all you’re waiting for is more of Watson (Lucy Liu) and Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) to pick at each other’s mental locks until one or the other of them snaps. This week, with the help of a lovely guest star, Watson manages to get Sherlock to blink first in their little game of guess-the-past chicken. As per canon, Holmes is notoriously edgy when he doesn’t have a case, so it’s not a shock (or maybe just to Watson’s ears) when we see him scanning the police frequency for new cases because Capt. Gregson (Aidan Quinn) hasn’t called all week. It’s a plane crash.
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