Exclusive: Director Rick Alverson Talks The Comedy

Exclusive: Director Rick Alverson Talks The Comedy
Rick Alverson Talks The Comedy, in select theaters Friday, November 9th

If you are heading into The Comedy expecting a follow-up to Tim and Eric'$ Billion Dollar Movie, you are in for quite a shock. While the film does offer a few early laughs from star Tim Heidecker, the story quickly descends into pitch black territory, and what we're left holding creeps deep into the horror genre. It's a disturbing psychological drama about a man whose life has no real meaning, as he sits and very impatiently awaits his father's death so that he can live out the rest of his life with little to no responsibilities.

The Comedy is also a time capsule of our current trendier than thou hipster culture, and it dissects that well-worn disenfranchised soul with an X-acto knife. It's an important look at the disintegration of the human spirit, while also being about hope and forgiveness.
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