Was the Original Host of "So You Think You Can Dance" Fired For Getting Pregnant?

With all due respect to So You Think You Can Dance's rightful hosting empress Cat Deeley, a threatened new lawsuit sheds new, perhaps damning light on why original host Lauren Sanchez may have been fired. According to the law firm representing Sanchez, the season-one hostess was canned for getting pregnant in 2005, and there's interesting video to back her up: In 2009 as part of her Extra hosting duties, Sanchez interviewed producer Nigel Lythgoe, who made reference to Fox's President of Alternative Entertainment Fox-Television Michael Darnell, saying, “It was Mike Darnell who said ‘she’s pregnant, we have to let her go.’ I mean, that should be illegal.”

Yow! While it's possible that Lythgoe was simply making an excuse to placate Sanchez, the quote, "I mean, that should be illegal" does seem pretty suspicious. Because firing someone for getting pregnant is, in fact, illegal. Even if they're being replaced by glorious,
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