Before GTA V: San Andreas And The Power Of Social Satire

‘Satire is a lesson, parody is a game.’

- Vladimir Nabokov, Strong Opinions, 1973

With GTA V on the horizon, and details now starting to dribble out in the lead up to its release, I wanted to take a look back at what, to me, remains the crowning jewel in the – well, whatever the GTA franchise has in lieu of a shiny crown. A money-clip, maybe? And so, I want to gushingly voice my affection for GTA: San Andreas, a game that I shamelessly, helplessly love. A game that, despite its mammoth size, I must have played several times over, and that still to this day feels fresh and lively, and with something quite striking to say.*

And yes, although I admit its greater technical achievements, I must admit that even though I quite enjoyed GTA IV, I could never quite love it or invest in it the way I did its predecessor.

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