Formula 1: Red Bull on a Roll at the South Korean Grand Prix

Red Bull seem to have made a habit of being consistent when they have been at the front end of the grid. South Korea has recently given us Gangnam style, a rather fun and interesting take on music, but the race wasn’t quite so energetic as the YouTube video would suggest. We had some great overtaking moves but overall it was quite an average race.

In Other News…

Massa should be safe with Ferrari until the end of 2013 after his good run of finishes in the latter half of this season. Various sources have linked Vettel with a move to Ferrari in 2014. Could Ferrari really deal with both Vettel & Alonso wanting to win the championship? Red Bull say they have Vettel under contract until the end of the 2014 season, so we shall wait to see what happens there.


Q3 saw the usual suspects leave as per usual. Hrt,

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