James Bond's resurrection: how coming back to life became a film favourite

Bringing characters back from the dead has long been a TV staple, but why the sudden spate of fake deaths in film?

In his latest film, Skyfall, James Bond enjoys a usual day at the office. He is beaten, shot at, dropped into icy water, driven off the road and detonated with explosives, before finally being picked off the top off a moving train by a lone sniper and plunging into watery ravine.

"Where the hell have you been," he is asked upon reappearing one night in a darkened alley. "Enjoying death," he replies. "Everybody needs a hobby." "What's yours?" "Resurrection."

A lot of people have been taking it up recently. Resurrection has become screenwriters' favorite means of reviving a weary series without going to the bother of a full reboot. In the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman spends much of his screen time (spoiler alert) springing back from the grave,
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