Nycc 2012: Astro-Cons

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I got a chance to speak with Leon Doell, the writer and creator of Astro-Cons, which is a weekly web cartoon about the Department of Space, a federal agency that is basically run illogically.

Speaking with Doell, here’s his opinion on the show, “It’s basically about all the insanity that goes down in D.C. The Astro-Cons create an intergalactic goal –they’re a bunch of convicts that are sent to outer space to explore a galaxy. So instead of using our best and brightest astronauts, we allow convicts to go and explore the unknown world. It’s kind of like an intergalactic version of Australia. I’ve been working on it for about five years now and it was actually on and off a shelf for a few years. Then my executive producer and I- actually we met at a company we used to work at- he
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