Exclusive: Interview with Universal Dead Writer Kelly Parks

We talk with Kelly Parks, screenwriter of the Universal Dead web series, soon to be a feature film.

We took notice of the zombie web series Universal Dead because of the strong production value and cast. When Universal Dead announced they were going to be  turned into into a feature film with Paramount distributing, we had to talk with screenwriter Kelly Parks, who describes himself as "America's only ex-cia rocket scientist stand-up comic screenwriter."

Kelly was kind enough to answer some of our questions via email.

Haz: How did this project start and what was your background before Universal Dead?

Kelly Parks: My business partners (Vernon Mortensen and Neil Trusso) and I are lifelong zombie movie fans so of course we had to do something zombie related. I came up with an idea based on my personal theory about how zombies might work and I wrote that as a
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