'It's a Girl' Documentary on Gendercide Teams Up with Causes.com [Trailer]

More and more activist documentaries are taking their causes online, where social action is as easy as a click. Last week, October 11th marked the United Nation's first International Day of the Girl Child, which served not only to raise awareness about girls' rights, but also as a rallying cry to help end injustice against women and girls around the world. The filmmakers behind the documentary "It's a Girl!," which raises the unsettling issue of gendercide in India, Southeast Asia and China via startling statistics and emotional personal accounts (trailer below), are joining online activist platform Causes.com to leverage social media to raise awareness and instigate social change. Causes.com guides visitors to simple ways to make an impact and so far has involved 180 million people in 500,000 unique causes. The United Nations estimates that as many as 200 million females are missing from the world today. To guide users to help end gendercide,
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