B-Sides: Michael Myers Is Dancin’ on Midnight

Everyone remembers Twisted Sister, right? Do you remember White Sister? This other Eighties hair metal band never hit it as big as their sisterly counterparts, but much like Dee Snyder they did make contributions to the horror genre, specifically to the Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers soundtrack.

White Sister actually made two contributions to horror movie soundtracks of the Eighties. Their song ”Save Me Tonight” was included on the soundtrack to the original Fright Night. That’s another B-Sides for another day.

White Sister’s “Dancin’ on Midnight” can be heard throughout Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. They certainly seemed to have a thing for time-of-day rock songs.

Now’s a perfect time to showcase “Dancin’ on Midnight” seeing as how we’re in the Halloween season. “Dancin’ on Midnight” certainly sounds like a perfect song for Michael Myers to rock out to while dancin’ on his victims’ graves.
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