Jennifer Freeman Attack: Alleged Teeth Marks and Blood, Reconciles with Earl Watson

Police claim actress Jennifer Freeman went on the attack against husband Earl Watson. The report claims she bit him, "breaking the skin, leaving teeth marks and drawing blood," Ledger Pop Journal reveals. The events unfolded on August 1, just before midnight.Earl Watson is a former NBA player and according to CBS News filed for divorce last week from the "My Wife and Kids" actress after the alleged altercation.  However, Watson has had a change of heart and will take back his wife. Watson's lawyer, William Briggs, told TMZ that "the couple has reconciled their differences and plans to make their marriage work." What got the fight underway just before police were called at nearly midnight?  The report cites police who say Watson said a cell phone text reportedly came in at 11:00 p.m. to his wife's phone and the husband tried to grab to mobile phone to check the message.
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