Andrew McCarthy Dishes About Fellow Brat Packers On 'Wwhl'

Andrew McCarthy Dishes About Fellow Brat Packers On 'Wwhl'
In the 1980s, Andrew McCarthy found himself drawn into the powerful group of young actors called the Brat Pack, after appearing in the films "Pretty in Pink" and "St. Elmo's Fire." So it was absolutely no surprise that Andy Cohen jumped all over this part of his career when McCarthy was a guest on "Watch What Happens: Live."

McCarthy admitted to Celebuzz that he was a reluctant member of the Brat Pack back then. "At the time, I didn’t like the label," he said. "I thought it was pejorative. Now, it’s become an endearing term. I’m good with it now."

So he was game to play along as Cohen grilled him on questions about his days with the Pack. He did cleverly avoid answering one question, though. When asked who blew through their paychecks the fastest, McCarthy replied, "I’d say Anthony Michael Hall. I’ve never met him,
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