Famine Finds No Shortage of Boobs and Blood: A Movie Review

*here be spoilers. Director: Ryan Nicholson. Writers: Ryan Nicholson, Taylor Nicholson and Jeff O'Brien. Cast: Beth Cantor, Christopher Patrick Donoghue, Nathan Durec, Dustin Elkins, Karyn Halpin, Glenn Hoffmann, Des Larson, Christopher Lomas, Gustavo MacSerna, Thabi Maphoso, and Ady Mejia. Ryan Nicholson is a Vancouver based director who took the ferry trip over to Victoria for Dedfest '12. Nicholson is best known to this film fan for his sexploitation flick Gutterballs, which featured a brutal rape scene. This cinephile also tried to watch Hanger, but the film's subject matter was too grotesque. Have you ever scene an abortion performed with a hanger? That film was never finished. Now, Nicholson returns with another gorefest titled Famine. This is essentially a slasher flick taking place in a locked down high school. Few students make it out of this picture without a scalping, a knifing, an acid bath and many other shocking deaths. The story is fairly straight.
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