Attack Of The Werewolves DVD Review

Director: Juan Martínez Moreno

Cast: Gorka Otxoa, Secun de la Rosa, Carlos Areces, Luis Zahera, Mabel Rivera, Manuel Manquiña

Running Time: 96 mins

Certificate: 15

Synopsis: Tomás Mariño (Otxoa) is a struggling writer who returns to the town he grew up in (Arga) to receive an award, or so he is told, and to start working on his next novel. However, he soon learns that the townsfolk plan on using him to break a century-old curse plaguing the village and its inhabitants.

If you can power through the slightly shaky opening half an hour, which somewhat laboriously sets up the narrative in this Spanish horror comedy, then the rewards are definitely there for the taking. Moreno, who also wrote the screenplay, clearly demonstrates sound knowledge of the genre he deconstructs with heartfelt accuracy.

He hits practically every beat of the man versus beast horror formula, from the telling of the fantastical origin
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