FEARnet Movie Review: 'Red Lights'

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FEARnet Movie Review: 'Red Lights'
The problem with occult thrillers in which the central character is a "professional debunker of the supernatural" is that it generally only has two places to go: our antagonist is correct, and the whole movie is just a house of cards waiting for a small gust of wind to show up in Act III -- or our cynical central character is wrong, supernatural entities and powers do exist, and then we're usually just left with a nifty ending that follows 95 minutes of meaningless hot air. (To be fair, the recent British import called The Awakening does a decent job with the "debunker vs. ghosts" theme.) I won't spoil the direction in which Rodrigo Cortes' Red Lights goes, but let's just say that much of the movie is a whole lot of bluster and blather, and in the end it signifies very little.

  The bizarrely convoluted story follows a pair of
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