First case has opened for Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth

All rise in the cosmic courts to meet Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth.

The futuristic legal eagle will do anything to obtain information for his clients - even getting intimate with a giant alien jellyfish.

Jones is the first creation of new print and web publisher Fighting Lions Comics, which was launched at Stan Lee's Comikaze convention in Los Angeles last month.

Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth has debuted as a limited edition comic written by Phil Smith (Witchblade: Due Process) and illustrated by Sid Kotian (Pilot Season: Twilight Guardian). Some sample pages are included below - click to enlarge.

According to the publisher: "Brik Jones is, minimum, a five-issue comics series that is in the process of becoming a print and web comic. Issues will be sold periodically as assets come to critical mass and are ready to print. The website will act as part production blog and part webcomic.
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