Selena Gomez Describes Her ‘Sexual’ New Movie

Selena discussed her new film 'Feed The Dog' in a new interview, revealing that the movie is a little edgier than her usual films! Read on for all the details. Selena Gomez is mostly known for her wholesome work with the Disney Channel, but it seems that the actress is really interested in breaking out of that mold. She has the gritty Spring Breakers on the way, and she's just revealed that her next new movie, Feed The Dog, is continuing the trend. In an interview with Collider to promote her current movie Hotel Transylvania, Selena admitted that Feed The Dog is edgy. "It's a little edgy, a little dark. I've been saying it's a dark comedy, it's more of a comedy, but there's a little bit of sexual stuff in it," she says. Are you excited to see Selena push boundaries in her work, HollywoodLifers? [protected-iframe id="0817c0923963141d564b5d4f248e727b-31106563-37017130" info="" width="440" height="350"] Collider➚ --
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