Frances Ha | Review

Baumbach Stops Wallowing In Cynicism To Lens His Best Yet

Noah Baumbach has built an oeuvre on characters frozen in time, refusing to let go of the past while evading emotional maturity at every turn, and his latest, Frances Ha, follows the trend, but the difference here is that for the first time he brushes off his signature cynicism. Co-written and starred by Greta Gerwig, the film instead recalls classic NYC lovin’ Woody Allen wit and intellectualism (even shooting in B&W) while embracing fresh, modern issues, all along staying grounded with the adult children Baumbach is so comfortable exploring. By taking on a bright young writing partner and a slightly more hopeful outlook, Baumbach has put together the best film of his career.

Gerwig plays Frances, a 27 year-old dancing understudy on the verge of becoming a full time company member, but with little focus she can’t seem to cut a break,
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