TV on Tap: Tuesday's Comedy Pile Up Begins with "New Girl," "Ben & Kate" and "The Mindy Project"

 Schmidt! Nick! Winston! Cece! The other one! (Who is that?) They're back!

Sigh. I'm going to need a second DVR when Happy Endings returns in a few weeks...


ABC Family's Jennifer Lopez-produced drama pilot The Fosters has found the women who will head the series' family. Teri Polo and Sherri Saum will play the lesbian couple who are parents to several adopted children.

Yes. Politics. I can't think of another reason why The Apprentice has never won an Emmy.

It's official, Bethenny Frankel's talk show is getting a national rollout sometime next year.

Gary Marshall is getting back into producing comedies. He is developing one for Fox about a man who loses his fortune and is forced to move back with his family.

At this point, I think a list like this doesn't really demonstrate a problem with the Emmys but that today's TV is an embarrassment of riches.
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