Peter Jackson wants to direct Doctor Who!

It’s not enough to have faced praise and wrath alike from fanboys for his brilliant cinematic vision of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, nor to have fallen through fire (okay, actually lawyers, but not too different) to gain the rights to film The Hobbit, only to incur further praise and wrath for splitting the movie into three separate movies (granted, he’s adding information found in the Lord of the Rings appendices, as well as other Tolkien sources). And now, as he’s busy promoting the upcoming première of the first chapter of The Hobbit, it comes out that Peter Jackson is really hip to the idea of directing an episode of Doctor Who. The reveal came about from an offhanded quote from current Time Lord Matt Smith, who told the Waikato Times:

”I think [New Zealand] would be an absolutely wonderful place to film Doctor Who...I’m told it’s glorious.
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