The Four (2012) Movie Review

Gordon Chan continues to cement his position as one of China’s top blockbuster directors, following up his hits “Painted Skin” and “Mural” with big budget martial arts fantasy “The Four”. Co-directed by Janet Chun (“The Jade and the Pearl”) and with action choreography by Ku Huan Chiu (“14 Blades”), the film is loosely based upon a series of hugely popular wuxia novels written by Wen Ruian in the 1970s. Boasting lavish production values and special effects, the film’s impressive cast is a mixture of top Mainland and Hong Kong talent, including Anthony Wong (“Motorway”), Crystal Liu (“A Chinese Ghost Story”), Ronald Cheng (“Vulgaria”), and Chan’s “Mural” stars Deng Chao and Collin Chou. The film revolves around the Divine Constabulary, a mysterious organisation in service to the Emperor in the imperial capital, who clash heads with law enforcement bureau Department Six over a counterfeit currency case that threatens to cause chaos across the empire.
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