BioWare Co-Founders Stepping Down From Their Company and Industry

Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka have been developing games and running BioWare for close to two decades. They have found great success over the years with Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to name a few. Though BioWare still has a lot of great years ahead of it, Zeschuk and Muzyka don't intend on sticking around to see what the future holds.

Both BioWare co-founders went online earlier today to formally announce their intent to not only leave BioWare in the capable hands of the team they personally assembled to run it, but depart from the video game business altogether. They will each recharge their creative and entrepreneurial batteries in new endeavors. Zeschuk is eying a web-based interview show called 'The Beer Diaries' for starters, while Muzyka wants to play in the world of "social/impact investing" as well as work with "charities,
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