Josh Wilding Reviews: Marvel's The Avengers Blu-ray (Film And Special Features)

With The Avengers (ugh, "Avengers Assemble" that is) Joss Whedon achieved what many considered to be an impossible feat. He brought together all of Marvel's larger than life superheroes into one film and actually made it work. There are no problems with the script, no issues with the direction and most certainly not a single fault to be found with the acting or special effects. There are several moments in Joss Whedon's screenplay which will have you laughing out loud, although that by no means takes anything away from the seriousness of the situation that the team finds themselves in. The banter between the heroes (primarily from Robert Downey Jr.) is hilarious, and while the film may not be crammed full of easter eggs, the numerous pop culture references are even more fun to keep an ear out for. The movie starts with a bang and maintains that momentum throughout,
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