First Atmospheric Teaser Trailer for Alex Boutellier’s Murkwood

Take a look at an intriguing first teaser for writer/director Alex Boutellier’s upcoming "Murkwood", described as a “psychological horror thriller that “evokes the moody visuals of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ and combines them with the visceral scares of an ‘eco-horror’ movie like ‘Long Weekend’.” Well, they certainly have the “Twin Peaks” vibe down, especially with the opening establishing shots and the music. Perhaps a tad too close to “Twin Peaks”, if you know what I mean. Apparently the film is still in the early stages, with casting still going on, but “Murkwood” looks like something to keep an eye on. Career criminals Peter Buck, Eddie Coyne and Lucien Thaler kidnap the son of a prominent British politician from a Swiss boarding school. Hiding out in the Alps, the men wait for the ransom money. But when tragedy strikes, they end up trapped in a dark wood – held hostage by unseen forces.
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