Sleepwalk With Me – The Review

Here’s a phrase we don’t get to hear much these days : this film is based on a radio program. Back in Hollywood’s Golden Age, radio was as much a source for feature films as television, novels, comic books, and video games are today. True, last year’s The Green Hornet and next year’s The Lone Ranger started as 1930′s radio shows, but most folks are familiar with their TV incarnations. And you could say that the autobiographical Private Parts had its basis in radio as does the Howard Stern best seller. Well, Sleepwalk With Me began as a popular true story told by stand-up comic Mike Birbiglia on NPR’s ” This American Life” hosted by Ira Glass ( who co-wrote the screenplay ). So we could say that it’s a movie about stand-up following films ( in comic jargon they’d be the warm-ups ) going back to Lenny,
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