All Of Me Remake Being Developed By DreamWorks

The 80s had a number of memorable body-switching movies. There was the 1988 comedies 18 Again, which starred George Burns, and Vice Versa, which starred Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage. The latter was not to be confused with Like Father Like Son, which starred Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron. The films released within months of one another and both featured fathers who switched bodies with their sons. And then there was All of Me, which came before any of the other mentioned body-switching films, and is less about body switching as it is about body possessing. Word is, Carl Reiner's comedy is being set up for a remake. Released in 1984, All of Me starred Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin, and followed a dying, wealthy millionairess who arranges to have her spirit transferred into the body of a younger, healthy woman. But things go wrong and her spirit ends up in the
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