Shocking News! Angelina Jolie Allegedly Hired A Hitman To Murder Herself!

In his new tell-all, Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, Andrew Morton reveals the mother of all shockers: Angie was once so depressed she tried to have someone off her!

Angelina Jolie has always been known for her volatile personality, but even we were shocked to hear this! In his new tell-all book, Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, controversial celebrity biographer Andrew Morton claims that she actually hired someone to kill her! Omg.

“She went through a bit of depression, suicidal thoughts,” Morton said on Fox News’ Fox & Friends show August 2. “On one occasion, she said she hired a hitman and she was going to pay by installments.”

But he didn’t stop there, oh no! Check out the other scandalous things the author had to say about 35-year-old Oscar winner Angie in the explosive new book he released July 31!

She cuts herself to feel alive. “We’re talking about cutting…of the neck,
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