The Top 50 Music Videos Featuring Movie Stars (40-31)

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40. Kristen Stewart in Marcus Foster's "I Was Broken"

K.Stew's really is a beauty made for music videos. We can't get over the simple black and white cutaways to her and the sad, yet gorgeous, look on her face just kinda breaks our hearts. You know, kinda like Foster's song.

39. Jake Gyllenhaal in The Shoes' "Time to Dance"

No matter what role Gyllenhaal takes on, one thing remains the same: He's just a little bit off-kilter. He's got a little bit of the crazy eyes, you know? That works to his benefit in this clip, where he's having a mesmerizing yet creep murder fantasy. If it doesn't get your spine tingling, we're not sure what will.

38. Helena Bonham Carter in Rufus Wainwright's "Out of the Game"

The "Harry Potter" villainess pins up her hair and aches with romantic longing amongst the halls of the Dewey Decimal System. Helena lip-synchs
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