Exclusive: First Look at the 'Live-In Fear' Movie Trailer

By Seth Metoyer, MoreHorror.com

Thanks to the generosity of horror film supports all over the world, there is now a trailer for the Iodine Sky / MOnsterworks66 joint production, Live-In Fear, for you all to watch!

Check out the embedded Live-In Fear trailer below the official details.

Live-In Fear stars Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House), Sarah Grayson (Road Rules), Chris Dorman (8.13) and David Lautman (The Black Guitar). The film also features cameo appearances by Geoffrey Gould (Strictly Background), Myles Cranford (Mega Piranha), Nancy Wolfe (Helter Skelter) and Charlene Geisler (Bobby Fischer Live).

Shot mainly on location in Utah, the film is a gory story of love, lust, murder, mutilation, death and dismemberment, and it should provide any horror fan with more than enough thrills. It follows four innocent – or at least innocent Looking – twenty-somethings as they travel to Utah to spend a weekend of fun in the snow
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