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Don't Blow The Inheritance

5pm, ITV1

Punslinger Tim Vine presents this throwback of a quiz show (families; score boards; insultingly easy questions) – with a modern twist: this time, parents compete to win an "inheritance" (aka cash prize) for their over-18s, which they could still blow by the end of the show. Vine's gag-valanche is a matter of personal taste, but there's a couple of choice ones buried in there: "Do you know, if you chop a horse in half and bang the ends together, it sounds like someone riding a coconut?" Ali Catterall

Nature's Microworlds

8.30pm, BBC4

The last in the compact surveys of the world's ecosystems examines Svalbard, which sits within the Arctic Circle. It's a special place, as it benefits from the last vestiges of the Gulf Stream; this
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