"Zombie A-Hole" Offers Amateur-Hour Thrills but A Fertile Imagination

Having never met Dustin Mills, I still think I’m supposed to like him. The writer, director, actor, editor, special effects man and composer of Zombie A-Hole is no doubt a fan of Mr. Kevin Smith, a self-promotion wizard. For example, witness Mr. Mills responding to individual fans on Zombie A-Hole’s Facebook page. With one feature already under his belt (The Puppet Monster Massacre), Mills likely subscribes to the shoe-string sets’ way of churning out feature after feature hoping for the one that hits big, or sparks a fanbase that sticks around. Zombie A-Hole is a valiant effort, full of indiscriminate, copious nudity, gratuitous slow motion, gore, gunfire, and featuring an auto-tuned Southern-tinged rock intro. What more do you want? How about a running time that’s not an unconscionable 108 minutes?

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