Actor D.B. Sweeney Calls Robert Pattinson a "Douche," Ignites Twitter War with Twi-Hards

Actor D.B. Sweeney Calls Robert Pattinson a
Send in the fans! Robert Pattinson's loyal fans have come to his defense in a Twitter war with veteran actor D.B. Sweeney, after the 50-year-old dared to tweet that Kristen Stewart was right to two-time Pattinson.  The war broke out when Sweeney tweeted: "Just saw Pattinson on #DailyShow trying to figure out what took k-stew so long to look around with this douche astride her. #holytwit." And it didn't take long for the fleet that is Troop R.Pattz to respond. One Twi-hard tweeted: "Don't talk sh--t about the greatness which is Rob when your credentials can't even match his." While another came to Rob's aid bashing D.B. flat out with: "I hate you....
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