Short Sharp Shocks: The Work of Maude Michaud

Planet Fury recently ran a piece titled "Ten Canadian Genre/Horror Filmmakers to Watch For," and while it was a fine overview of up-and-coming directors from America's neighbor to the north, one name was conspicuous in its absence: Montreal-based filmmaker Maude Michaud.

Over the last few years, Michaud has been going about the business of quietly building an estimable catalog of films that, though nominally horror flicks, might best be classified as Cinéma Fantastique. Since 2005, Michaud has co-produced an arthouse drama and written, directed, produced and shot eight dark, ambitious short films as well as a five-part documentary web series, all of which were lauded by critics and played extensively on the festival circuit.

It's true Michaud is still something of an indie darling, yet that's all the more reason she should've been included in a list of emerging filmmakers. But with production of her first feature, Dys-, set to begin later this year,
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