The new wave of child stars

Once upon a time, child stardom was the road to dysfunction and ruined youth; but Hollywood's new brood of young actors are smart, talented and in complete control

In the last few weeks you can't have failed to be aware of Will Smith's pint-sized 12-year-old son Jaden; he's been unleashed at film premieres from Beijing to Berlin. Sometimes he's even worn a little Michael Jackson outfit. Smith Jr is promoting the remake of The Karate Kid; he stars, mum and dad are producers. To casual observers that might look a lot like the Smith dynasty are simply installing generation 2.0. But it turns out that Jaden Smith is actually pretty good; he plays everykid with as much charm as his dad ever did. And now The Karate Kid is a bona fide international hit, Jaden is likely to join the growing bunch of child actors – scarily professional and highly talented
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