Bret Easton Ellis says Matt Bomer is too gay for 'Fifty Shades of Grey': Why should Ellis's opinion matter anyway?

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Novelist Bret Easton Ellis, best known for "American Psycho," really wanted to write the screenplay for the upcoming "50 Shades of Grey" adaptation.

He wanted it so bad that he tweeted about it incessantly, discussing casting with his followers as if he'd already landed the gig. He mentioned meeting with the film's producers and tweeted photos of Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder to garner support from their fans, suggesting one of them should play the lead.

On July 17, he tweeted a photo of Bomer wearing a t-shirt that said "Easton," and commented, "So is Matt Bomer The Christian Grey? I think the t-shirt says it all." On July 19 he added, "If you think I'm not thinking about Matt Bomer for Fifty Shades Of Grey think again."

Naturally, Bomer's droves of fans clamored to follow Ellis for updates about the erotic love story, hoping that their favorite actor would land the coveted role of Christian Grey,
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