Writer/Director Wen Jiang’s Let the Bullets Fly Headed to UK DVD This August

I had an opportunity to see writer/director Wen Jiang’s impossibly entertaining action/comedy “Let the Bullets Fly” last summer, and I honestly enjoyed every second of it. Seeing Chow Yun Fat back in his element was refreshing, and it reminded me why I was such a huge fan in the first place. This August, UK viewers will have an opportunity to own the flick when it finally arrives on home video, courtesy of Metrodome Distribution. Need a synopsis? I happen to have this one on tap: China, 1919. Bandit Scarface Zhang (Jiang Wen) leads his posse in a fatal train robbery that leaves only Tang (Ge You), a rich man who buys governorships all over China, and his wife (Carina Lau) alive. To save his life, Tang lies that he was only accompanying the new major of Goose Town. Looking for a big payday, Zhang assumes the governorship and turns Goose Town upside down.
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