Leverage Review: Just Pucking Around

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Allow me to start with a quick apology and clarification: Leverage Inc. is now based out of Portland, Oregon where the show is being filmed. In last week’s Leverage review I initially said the wrong city. Thank you to all the TV Fanatics who commented and corrected me. I’m glad you’re here.

Now... on to our second offering from Leverage’s new home. This week, the team took on a job involving one of the favorite sports of Boston and Portland: hockey.

First thing I noticed about "The Blue Line Job" was that they didn’t skimp on the guest star. Treat Williams as Otters owner Peter Rising certainly maintained the standard the series set last week on the caliber of talent we can expect to see on Season 5.

Sadly, I know so little about hockey I wasn’t sure if Vladimir Busiak (played by Thure Riefenstein
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