Pop stars who pop up as actors

Jamelia will join a list of musicians from Boy George to Michael Stipe who have made cameos in unlikely TV shows. What's your favourite pop star to TV star appearance?

"You must take me for a right wanker, son," bawls Phil Collins in a 1985 episode of Miami Vice. You'll find no argument from us – just look at that costume for a start – even if Collins is only one in a long line of pop and rock stars determined to pop up in a TV drama at any opportunity.

The latest singer to try her hand at the acting game is songstress Jamelia who will, the BBC announced on Thursday, be making a guest appearance in the second series of BBC1 drama Death in Paradise. Jamelia will not be playing herself but the "pretty and fun-loving" best friend of Camille (Sara Martins) when the show airs next year. No word on
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