On the Record: Dante Spinotti and Peter Honess talk about L.A. Confidential

Trevor Hogg chats with cinematographer Dante Spinotti and film editor Peter Honess about their Oscar-nominated work for L.A. Confidential...

“He had offered me The River Wild [1994] and I couldn’t take it because I was doing something with Michael Mann [The Insider] at the same time,” recalls Dante Spinotti [Tower Heist] who received a second opportunity to lens a picture for writer-director Curtis Hanson; the project involved a cinematic adaption of L.A. Confidential [1997], a sprawling 1950s tale which deals with prostitutes made to look like movie stars, blackmail, rape, murder, missing heroin, and police corruption. “I had the screenplay sent to me in Italy by my agent. I read it and thought, ‘Boy, what a beautifully written script.’ The plot was great and everything was fitting into the next bit; it was so well made. I didn’t hear about it for a month or so. I discovered why later because Curtis Hanson
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