'Opening Act': Pete Wentz and Olivia Lee give up-and-comers their big break and lots of cuddles

Viewers are used to the whole singing reality show rundown at this point: A bunch of people sing, some get sent home in tears and one competitor comes out victorious. But new series "Opening Act" is singing a different tune with a format in which the artists are all winners from the get-go and no one goes home defeated.

Producer Nigel Lythgoe and a posse of industry vets like Martina McBride, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, and Jason Derulo handpick unknown singers, songwriters and musicians from the internet to open for a major act like Nicki Minaj, Rod Stewart, Brad Paisley and Gym Class Heroes. Comedian Olivia Lee plays host and fairy godmother of sorts to the unsuspecting performers, surprising them with the good news.

Wentz and Lee tell Zap2it just what it's like to give these up-and-comers their big break.

"It's authentic. What you see is real,
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