Friday Noir: ‘Armored Car Robbery’ literally makes a quick getaway

Armored Car Robbery

Directed by Richard Fleischer

Written by Earl Felton, Gerald Drayson Adams et al.

U.S.A., 1950

The subject of a common argument amongst film lovers pertains to a given movie’s length. Was the movie too short, too long or just the right length? The easy answer is, naturally, that it depends on the film and what story the screenwriter and director want to tell. Said easy answer is but an open door to many other directly related questions, the most crucial being ‘How well do the screenwriters and director go about telling said story during the specified running time?’ That is where the real debate lies. Movie A required more time to flesh out character arcs, to which one can reply that, on the contrary, movie A is long enough as is. The shorter the film, the more economical the creators must be, although if done right,
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