Choosing a Side with Zack Parker's Scalene: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: a DVD screener of this film was provided by Breaking Glass Pictures. Director: Zack Parker. Writers: Brandon Owens, and Zack Parker. Cast: Margo Martindale, Hanna Hall, Adam Scarimbolo, Jim Dougherty, Ladonna Pettijohn, Raymond Kester, Angela Steele, Sean Blodgett, Frank T. Ziede, Mark A. Nash, and Eric Monroe. Tagline: "The truth is just a point of view." Scalene is an exceptional film built around three characters' perspectives. Each has their own truth in relation to certain tragic events. Zack Parker's third film also sets up those tragic events with a reverse narrative. The film's story begins from a certain violent point and then works its way backwards through each characters' eyes. This storytelling style is effective and Scalene will hopefully find a large audience when it releases later this month. A scalene triangle has three unequal sides. The perspectives in the film are also unequal. Jakob's (Adam Scarimbolo) perspective is the.
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