Latina Mama Alexandra Taveras Singing Against Arizona Law

Singer Alexandra Taveras is raising her voice in opposition to Arizona's new immigration law.

The vocalist -- who sang with The New York Band, tours with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, toured with Thalia, had a number-one duet with Tito Nieves and worked with late music legends Tito Puente and Celia Cruz -- has just debuted her songs "Land of the Free" and "Tierra de la Libertad" on the website

Taveras performed the songs -- produced and composed by Latin Grammy nominee Jose Luis Pagan -- to raise awareness about the negative impact of Arizona's new law.

Alexandra, who was featured on momlogic last year, confided to Chris Yandek of, "As for this new Arizona law, when it comes to my daughter, I'd like to see her grow up in a world that is fair and free of discrimination."

Alexandra's songs are available as free
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