If only Friends with Kids had resisted the happy ever after

Jennifer Westfeldt's film questions the western obsession with romantic relationships as the basis for parenthood. Intriguing, so why spoil it with a Hollywood ending?

The notion that attraction should form the basis for partnerships intended to sustain parenthood retains an almost religious grip on the western mind. Other ways of doing things, such as the arrangement of marriages by family elders, are viewed with disgust and condescension. Yet the western way isn't working. Too frequently, unions forged in the crucible of mutual desire end up breaking down, thereby blighting the lives not just of the partners but of their children as well.

Unfortunately, desire usually fades, and the exigencies of parenthood accelerate the process. Though many are content to relinquish the thrill of infatuation for the satisfactions of family life, others aren't. The yen for romance that brought couples together may begin to drive them apart.

By exalting romantic love,
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